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Aim Software.

AIM is at the core of your financial operations.
Our focus is on creating easy to use features for users at all levels without compromising the aged care functionality for which AIM Software is well known. We’ll assist your business to improve the day to day running through timely and accurate delivery of financial implementation and reporting.

We interface to other 3rd party software specialists such as Business Intelligence, Electronic time keeping & Purchasing solutions that can be added when required (often at no additional cost from AIM). Add on software can be added or changed without having to lose your core software solution …AIM Software.

an investment.

Cost is something that has no obviously derived benefit, but an investment is when tangible positive benefits are experienced.

The AIM investment

  • No high ongoing software license fees applicable
  • No annual software license fees applicable
  • No inconvenient expensive user license fees applicable

What you pay for:

  • An IMPLEMENTATION FEE based on beds and modules selected (includes database set up, data validation)
  • An annual software rental fee (includes software enhancements, general upgrades, legislative upgrades and generous support services)
  • Training – initial (required at start up) with optional advanced and refresher courses available.

Benefits and Features

General ledger

Simple or complex financial reporting from consolidation to cost centers.

Features include:

  • Meets AN-ACC Prudential reporting requirements
  • Caters for multiple corporate entities
  • Real time reporting at your finger tips
  • Decision making made easier
  • Fully user – definable chart of accounts
  • Full GST BAS reporting
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Import/export facility
  • Transactional reporting across business units, locations & cost centers

Accounts Payable

Keeping track and paying your bills is simplified.

Features include:

  • Standard creditors functionality
  • Allocation of expenses over multiple locations and cost centers
  • Allocation to debtor client accounts
  • Adjustable GST payments allowing for pro-rata or default settings
  • Transaction drill down
  • Separate or group locations with separate GST registrations
  • Electronic remittances and email payment advice

Asset Register

Used in conjunction with the general ledger, keeping track of assets is a breeze.

Features include:

  • User defined asset grouping
  • Separate schedules for tax and book depreciation
  • Built-in maintenance register and scheduler
  • Monitor assets under construction
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Automated general ledger postings
  • Insurance register

Accounts Receivables

Get paid what you are owed.

The ‘must have’ for aged care providers – aged care specific client billing software.

Features include:

  • Complies with AN-ACC New Resident funding
  • Industry specific bond & trust accounting features
  • Software regularly updated to ensure compliance with legislation
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Definable funding scales and ACFI calculator
  • Online ACFI via Medicare and funding reconciliation tools
  • Single or multiple client billing cycles
  • Email invoices
  • Client payment via EFT
  • Billing for independent living units
  • RADs/Daps Calculator
  • Comprehensive reporting suite

Payroll & Rosters

Federal & state awards, ebas and their variations are all catered for.

Features include:

  • Complies with AN-ACC reporting of Aged Care Minutes
  • Job driven award interpreter
  • Caters for multi tasked employees costed to different locations
  • Accommodates multiple payrolls over multiple facilities
  • Payroll processing either daily via roster variations or by data entry from sign on sheets
  • Run entire payroll from roster set up
  • Run multiple rosters over single or multiple facilities
  • Compare anticipated rosters against actual worked rosters
  • Cost rosters and compare against client care needs
  • Single pay or automatic pay runs
  • User defined human resource functionality e.g. Police check register, nurse certificate renewals due etc.
  • Extensive report suite including taxation, superannuation and all accruals
  • Electronic sign on/off interface to selected third party software

Home & Community Care

The forecast ‘growth sector’ in aged care. AIM Software helping you to maximise your returns.

For AIM clients adding this module to your fully integrated suite will enable you to manage community care services with ease.

Features include:

  • Integration to AIM accounts receivable (billing) and payroll & Rosters
  • Module provides enhanced community care client and carer profiling
  • Recurring appointment schedules which are easily duplicated
  • Client Financial reporting compliant
  • Consumer Directed Care compliant

Specialty Community care providers

For those involved in providing Community Care Services specifically and not engaged in residential aged care.

The suite of modules includes:

  • AIM Payroll & Rosters module
  • AIM Accounts receivable module
  • AIM Community Care Module

Features include:

  • Integration to AIM accounts receivable (billing) and payroll & Rosters
  • Module provides enhanced community care client and carer profiling
  • Recurring appointment schedules which are easily duplicated

Addition of the general ledger and accounts payable modules (optional) will give you the benefits of a fully integrated solution.

Where to from here?

Your action plan

A. Simply contact our sales manager for a confidential chat about your software needs by telephone on 0444 530 725 or email

B. We will provide you with a written indicative proposal for your consideration.

C. Arrange a free demonstration to your stakeholders and key software users

D. Armed with all the information you need – it’s decision time.

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