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Welcome to AIM. AIM Software has the expertise and commitment to provide cost effective aged care specific financial management solutions you can rely on. Our software’s ease-of-use has earned us a plethora of happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. AIM simplifies the scheduling experience for managers and staff to free up their time and help them do their best work. When it comes down to staff rostering software, AIM has pioneered in the field!

Build rosters in minutes
Schedule the right staff, at the right times, across different roles or locations. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Share rosters instantly
Send rosters straight to your team via desktop or mobile. And if you change the roster, make sure staff see the update by requesting a confirmation.

Never be short staffed
If someone calls in sick, find a qualified replacement without a single phone call or text. Or simply let employees swap shifts with eligible team members. Super easy!

For managers and owners, more staff and more locations means more admin and more time lost. Before you know it, you’re running just to stand still. That’s not why you got into business. That’s why we created AIM Software, your trusted second-in-command. Our leading staff rostering software revolutionises how you run your business. It sets you free from the mundane admin and day-to-day stress of managing a team, so you can get back to doing what you love.

With AIM, success is fun again.

AIM Software comprises a fully integrated suite of modules that can be purchased as a whole, in combinations or individually, with the complete assurance that additional modules can be integrated into a full enterprise software package at a later stage. For more insight on our staff rostering software, contact us directly.

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