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We are AIM Software, and we are here to provide reliable, accurate, easy to use financial management and reporting solutions to meet the needs of aged care service providers Australia-wide, today, and into the future, backed up with customer service excellence. With our excellent residential aged care software in Australia, we can offer a deluxe solution that is used by aged care facilities in Australia to manage the various aspects of providing care to older individuals. Our software includes a range of features and tools that help facilities to manage their operations, including scheduling, billing, and medication management.

At AIM Software, we understand the importance of providing quality care to residents. That’s why our residential aged care software in Melbourne comes with a range of features to help facilities provide the best possible care to their residents. Our software can be used to create custom care plans for residents, as well as to track their progress over time. We also provide tools for monitoring diet and nutrition, as well as for managing activities and leisure activities. Our software is designed with user-friendliness in mind and is easy to learn and use. We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that our clients are able to make the most of the features and tools our software offers. We are entirely committed to providing excellent customer service and support, and our experienced team can help you get the most out of your software.

At AIM Software, we strive to be the best provider of residential aged care software in Australia. We are proud of the solutions and services we offer, and we are committed to meeting the needs of our clients today, and into the future. Thank you for trusting our residential aged care software in Australia, AIM Software is proud to offer first class solutions.

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