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AIM Outsourced Financial Management Services are designed to assist Aged Care Providers with proven and reliable data processing services (either in full or in part) at cost effective rates to help them improve day to day running of their business through timely and accurate financial reporting. When it comes to Home and Community Care Melbourne, we are your leading software provider!

Commitment is an attribute we stand for as client satisfaction is always key to evolution. Our reliability is second to none, as we ensure our clients are well organised and pursue their financial tasks with accuracy and precision with our leading Home and Community Care Melbourne systems. For additional information on our aged care software and how we can be of benefit to your company, feel free to contact us directly.

Outsourced Solutions
Outsourced Financial Management Services (OFMS) from AIM Software may be the answer.

Software Solutions
Fully integrated, suite of modules to meet your needs. Windows based tools have been tried and tested since 1994.

Support Solutions
A comprehensive range of professional multi level support services are available.

Modules designed and built to cover all aspects of managing a modern aged care organisation. Where we don’t specialise in something we have integrations with other leading software systems as well an API. Our focus is on creating easy to use features for users at all levels without compromising the aged care functionality for which AIM Software is well known. We’ll assist your business to improve the day to day running through timely and accurate delivery of financial implementation and reporting. Call us, now!

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