Aged Care Accounts Receivables

It is time to outsource your aged care accounts receivables, and here at AIM Software we offer services that adapt to our customers’ needs and make their lives easier when it comes to managing financial information. We are the leading providers of proven and reliable services (either in full or in part) at cost-effective rates to help you improve day to day running of your aged care business through timely and accurate financial reporting. AIM Software is a proudly Australian owned and operated business based in Melbourne since 1994; and we focus on developing and marketing fully integrated solutions of aged care-specific modules that can be purchased as a whole, in combinations or individually. Resume all work and make all information easier to manage with AIM Software  in charge of managing all aged care accounts receivables.

Our services include:

• Aged care accounts receivables management: we understand the complexities of aged care accounts receivables from both the aged care provider and the aged care recipient’s perspectives. Our experienced team provides the necessary expertise required to manage aged care accounts receivables.

• Reporting and analysis: we provide a comprehensive suite of reports that provide a detailed insight into aged care accounts receivable performance. Our reports include key performance indicators, trends and analysis to ensure that you are informed and up to date on the performance of your aged care accounts receivables.

• Automation: our innovative features allow you to automate the entire process of collecting payments, managing accounts receivable, and providing real-time reporting. This helps to reduce manual tasks, streamline processes and improve accuracy and efficiency.

We use the latest technology and security measures to ensure that all data is protected and secure. Our systems are regularly updated with the latest security protocols to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Speak to us today if you want to know more about our aged care accounts receivables!

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