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Welcome to AIM. AIM Software has the expertise and commitment to provide cost effective aged care specific financial management solutions you can rely on. Our software’s ease-of-use has earned us a plethora of happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. AIM simplifies the scheduling experience for managers and staff to free up their time and help them do their best work. When it comes down to Accounts Receivable Melbourne software, AIM has pioneered in the field!

We endeavour to continuously improve and adapt your software, whilst ensuring 24/7 support for all our clients. Going above and beyond has been our mission from our conception. Thinking of Payroll and Rosters might be stressful, however we take out the difficulties and assist you with your Accounts Receivable Melbourne Australia.

Accounts receivable systems are only as good as the implementation and ongoing support you receive. From our first interaction, right through implementation to training and then using our help desk, we are always here to help you. This is what sets us apart here at AIM Software as we stand out as the finest Accounts Receivable Australia System Adelaide. AIM Software comprises a fully integrated suite of modules that can be purchased as a whole, in combinations or individually, with the complete assurance that additional modules can be integrated into a full enterprise software package at a later stage.

When you hear the phrase “Accounts Receivable Australia” or even “Accounts Receivable Melbourne” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company. AIM Software. Extensive knowledge, experience and a drive for software success and constant growth – we are your leading choice! Our Fully integrated suite of modules to meet your needs. Windows based tools have been tried and tested since 1994. We stand the test of time and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Reliability and dedication all the way when it comes to Accounts Receivable Melbourne systems and AIM!

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