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Among the most important processes a company deals with on a day-to-day basis, managing invoices is very close to the top of the list. Businesses often receive thousands of invoices each day and processing them all requires time, effort, and resources. Given how critical invoice management is to fiscal health, why are so many businesses trusting this process to manual methods like spreadsheets or paper invoices? Businesses with an automated accounts payable process save on paper, computing resources, and vendor fees from lost invoices and human error. Furthermore, IT staff and accountants save time when they no longer have to pull data together from fragmented sources.

Are you seeking accounts receivable software or accounts payable software Australia? Your leading choice in the industry is AIM Software, as we are the pioneering team in all technology, accounting and client liaising. By combining these elements, we formulated 2Gen to ensure that your facility’s financials and rostering are all accurately assessed.

Outsourced Solutions
Outsourced Financial Management Services (OFMS) from AIM Software may be the answer.

Software Solutions
Fully integrated, suite of modules to meet your needs. Windows based tools have been tried and tested since 1994.

Here at AIM Software we pioneer accounting solutions for aged care and home care companies to ensure accuracy and fluidity with operations. Our mission is to provide reliable, accurate, easy to use financial management and reporting solutions to meet the needs of aged care service providers Australia-wide, today, and into the future, backed up with customer service excellence. Transparency is key and here at AIM we administer leading accounts payable software Australia and also accounts receivable software to ensure our clients are on top of all financial matters with zero downtime! Contact us today for more information on our systems and request a trial!

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