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Welcome to AIM Software, the industry pioneering team that is dedicated in administering and configuring leading accounts payable Brisbane software for aged care management centres. Established in 1994. Today over 300 sites across Australia successfully use AIM Software.
Our Directors have over fifty years experience in the Aged care industry and continue to drive the innovation and development of AIM Software. Keeping track and paying your bills is simplified with 2Gen from us here at AIM – the leading accounts payable Brisbane software!

Features include:
-Standard creditors functionality
-Allocation of expenses over multiple locations and cost centers
-Allocation to debtor client accounts
-Adjustable GST payments allowing for pro-rata or default settings
-Transaction drill down
-Separate or group locations with separate GST registrations
-Electronic remittances and email payment advice

In this competitive aged care environment, making the right impression is key. 2Gen has modules designed and built to cover all aspects of managing a modern aged care organisation. Where we don’t specialise in something we have integrations with other leading software systems as well an API. Our mission is to provide reliable, accurate, easy to use financial management and reporting solutions to meet the needs of aged care service providers Australia-wide, today, and into the future, backed up with customer service excellence.

Transparency is key and here at AIM we administer leading accounts payable Brisbane software to ensure our clients are on top of all financial matters with zero downtime! Contact us today for more information on our systems and request a trial!

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