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    Important Announcement - Single Touch Payroll Compliancy 1st July 2018 - 20th of March 2018

    AIM Payroll will be compliant with Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting requirements that includes the transmission of payroll information to the Australian Tax Office as part of the payroll process each pay period.

    There are two distinct steps in sending STP information to the ATO, namely:
    1. Exporting the payroll data from the AIM payroll system, and
    2. Preparing, encrypting the message and transmitting it to the ATO’s SBR Server.

    AIM has opted for the most cost effective method of exporting the payroll data into an XML file for transmission to various 3rd party SBR gateway vendors who specialise in the message preparation, encryption and transmission, similar to the approach taken for superannuation reporting. There are a number of SBR gateway vendors who will all have their own pricing and contract terms and it will be up to each employer to negotiate the best alternative for their business. Super Choice Services Pty Ltd, Sydney is one such SBR Gateway. For further information please contact AIM SUPPORT 1300 651 321 or email

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    Australia’s new mandatory data breach laws. - 1st of March 2018

    February 22, 2018 saw the addition of additional laws related to the Privacy Act in particular related to the Health Industry, come into effect. Australia now has a notification obligation in place for notifying data breaches. AIM Software in its role as a provider of Bureau services and a supplier of software to the Aged Care industry has a Confidentially Policy in place and acknowledges its obligation to notify any breach of data that is within its direct control.

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  • AIM Software Privacy Policy
  • The AIM Privacy Policy is available for public scrutiny in the footer section of this website. Click on the privacy link for full details. Any questions please contact us.

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AIM Outsourced Financial Management Services are designed to assist Aged Care Providers with proven and reliable data processing services (either in full or in part) at cost effective rates to help them improve day to day running of their business through timely and accurate financial reporting.

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